• Postpartum Depression Causes


POSTPARTUM Depression is quite common. It is a complex disease. Exact causes are not known. Certain theories behind this are-

  • Hormonal Changes - Though, not proved, it is widely believed that sudden drop in estrogen and progesterone hormones after delivery may cause POSTPARTUM Depression.
  • Genetics - POSTPARTUM Depression can run in families.
  • Traumatic events - Many a times, certain traumatic events in personal life may also cause PPD.
  • Change in life post deliver y- Life of parents change entirely after birth of their newborn. Life of mother changes more intensely. There is pressure of taking care of newborn. This may cause intense emotional pressure on mother. Though, there is no strong evidence to support this.
  • Emotional losses - Loss of close friends, failure in relationship, may precipitate POSTPARTUM Depression.
  • Relationship and personal Issues - Stressful relations with spouse or other family members may precipitate grounds for POSTPARTUM Depression.
  • Stress-Stress at home and work place may cause POSTPARTUM Depression in long run.
  • Serious and chronic physical illness - Person suffering from prolong chronic psychiatric illnesses get POSTPARTUM Depression.
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