• Postpartum Depression Complications


There are certain complications in unmanaged and extreme cases.

  • Effect on personal life- POSTPARTUM Depression may lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, fear and excessive concern about parenthood, identity crisis. There is excessive pressure for caring of infant and person feels like she has lost control over herself and her life.
  • POSTPARTUM Psychosis - If not treated, PPD can aggravate to POSTPARTUM Psychosis. Here the patient experiences intense symptoms than PPD. Symptoms may include altered thoughts, altered behaviour, hallucinations, delusions. There is diminished or loss of contact with reality.
  • Effects on baby - Children may get severely affected by depressed parents. It can affect their development. It can cause behavioural disorder, sleep problems, learning disorders, depression
  • Suicide - The most severe complication of POSTPARTUM Depression is SUICIDE. Depressed parent who receives no family support and proper treatment may commit suicide, since they may think that they are not good parents.
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