• Postpartum Depression Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Certain risk factors for postpartum Depression are commonly associated with this, although a definite proof is not available.

  • It can even affect women who have had previous miscarriage .
  • It can affect new fathers who have recent financial loss or stressful relation with partner .
  • Women who had history of depression and anxiety before pregnancy or before delivery are at higher risk of getting PPD.
  • Those who had family history of depression can get PPD.
  • PPD is more common in women who have not received social support during their pregnancy.
  • Those who have identity issues, low self esteem and anxiety .
  • Those who smoke are at higher risk.
  • Woman who has tensed marital relationship, stressful environment at home, or single parent .
  • PPD risk is higher in unwanted or unplanned pregnancy .
  • Not breast feeding the baby increases the risk of PPD.
  • PPD is also more in parents who have poor financial support .
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