• Postpartum Depression



Most newly mothers experience 'baby blues' two or three days after delivery lasting for about two weeks. Baby blues includes mood swings, crying easily, anxiety and difficulty to sleep.

postpartum depression

Whereas POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION (PPD) or POST NATAL DEPRESSION (PND) is a condition that affects nearly 10% of mothers after childbirth and may persist till one year or even more in few cases. It can cause very sad mood for weeks or months after pregnancy.

The exact cause is still unknown. It is said that sudden hormonal changes after delivery are responsible for the postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression in not limited to mother, even father can suffer with it.

The feeling is most accompanied by loss of thoughts . It can affect woman's behaviour, feelings, family life and sense of well being. There is lack of energy, happiness. Constant NEGATIVE thoughts fill mind. In very severe case, there are thoughts of harming the baby (infanticide) or suicide by the affected parent.

There is intense feeling of inefficient parenting.

POSTPARTUM Depression makes you feel numb, empty and hollow. With POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION, these thoughts and behaviours cause tremendous distress, take up all the happiness from life, and interfere with your daily life and relationships.


  • Sadness with feeling of worthlessness
  • Guilt feeling
  • Negative thoughts
  • Exhausted feeling, fatigue, tiredness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Thoughts to harm or kill baby
  • Sleeplessness

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  • Some people still think that POSTPARTUM Depression is trivial and not a genuine health condition. But if this condition is not treated properly then it can adversely affect mother and her relation with newborn.
  • Affected mother becomes inconsistent in taking care of her child . She may find it difficult to concentrate on household task, daily routine and self care.
  • It can negatively affect child development including his psychological and personal well being. Child may become emotionally unstable, moody, hyperactive. He may be affected with behavioural problems, emotional problems, hyperactivity disorders, psychiatric diseases.
  • It can also lead to disastrous event like harming/killing the baby by affected parent.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION can be accompanied by eating disorders, sleeping disorder or other anxiety disorders. Extreme cases may lead to SUICIDE OR INFANTICIDE.


  • Like Depression, POSTPARTUM Depression is also very challenging and distressing condition. It can devoid you from your best experience of being a mother or father.
  • POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION, if left unchecked and untreated , can have the power to affect life adversely . So seek holistic and safest homeopathic treatment at earliest.
  • There is no adverse effect of Homeopathic medicine on your nursing babies. Homeopathic medicines are absolutely side effect free; hence you can safely take them when you are breast feeding your newborn .
  • Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects , and one can enjoy complete freedom from POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. Moreover, it also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.
  • Now come out of that DARKNESS and enjoy your parenthood with a NEW HOPE.
  • Homeopathic treatment for POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION has more than 50 natural, side-effect free remedies in its treasury for the treatment of this condition.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • SEPIA : Extraordinary remedy for POSTPARTUM Depression in women who thinks that she hates her baby and her husband. Suits weak, pot bellied, mothers who have yellow complexion and suffer from severe sleeplessness, anxiety and is easily offended. There is sudden prostration with weak, empty, hollow feeling. Desire to commit suicide. Aversion to sympathy. Irritability with indifference.
  • NATRUM MURIATICUM : One of the medicines with exemplary healing abilities in cases of POSTPARTUM Depression in women who are thin, thirsty, under nourished, reserved and seeks solitude. She wants to be left alone. There is great weakness and weariness. Cheerfulness alternates with sadness. Apprehensive and revengeful. Hates sympathy and weeps alone. Irritability, no desire to speak. Worse in morning 10 - 11 A.M.
  • AURUM METALLICUM: This medicine is very effective in POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION in people who are very dutiful and sensible. There is despair and sense of failure. Workaholic and extreme sense of duty. Suits people who are reserved. Anxiety about future.
  • KALI CARBONICUM: Effective for POSTPARTUM Depression with low spirit. Anxiety as if they will lose their mind. Associated weak memory, forgetful, restlessness,sleeplessness. Extreme irritability with fear of ghosts and being alone.
  • ARS ALB: Most commonly used medicine in persons who are restless, anxious, unduly perfectionist and are overly critical of them. Very good remedy in POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION when symptoms of fear are very prominent. Fear of death is marked. Night aggravation especially at 3 a.m. There is great flow of thoughts. Deeply anxious about health.
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