• Postpartum Depression Similar Conditions

Similar Conditions

Some conditions which are more or less similar to Postpartum Depression are-

  • POSTPARTUM Psychosi s- A psychiatric disorder marked by disorganised speech, delusion, hallucinations, thought disturbances.
  • Anxiety disorder - It is also a mental illness. It is associated with typical anxiety, worries, irritability .
  • Panic disorder - Sudden and repeated episodes of intense fear with associated chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness, fainting, abdominal complaints .
  • Fibromyalgia - There is chronic muscular pain all over the body.
  • Substance Abuse - Effect of Alcoholism, drug abuse, is similar to POSTPARTUM Depression.
  • Post traumatic disorder - It develops after person witnesses some serious traumatic event like sexual assault, death, warfare and leaves a permanent impact on their life and mind. .
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Here there is obsession for certain activities (washing hands, hoarding things). Since they have an insight into their problems, they usually are depressed.
  • Anaemia - Chronic fatigue and weakness with low haemoglobin in body may mimic as postpartum depression.
  • Thyroid problems -Either weight loss or gain with anxiety.
  • Impulse Control Disorders - Patient experiences failures to resist temptations or impulse which might harm self or others.
  • Psychotic Disorders - There are certain abnormal thinking and perceptions in this psychiatric disease. It is characterized with delusion and hallucinations.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A condition of severe fatigue, weakness, laziness due to unknown cause.
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